Hey I’m Bonita

Social media & Content Marketer, Podcaster, Blogger and all around phenomenal woman.

I started my career in media three years ago, working with global brands on all things social, content and influencer marketing. Social has always been my passion and whilst I thoroughly enjoy my job I know that a part of my mission here on this earth is to make life better for others in some way, whether that is through education, mentoring or something else.  

Making a difference in my community is something that I have always been passionate about, my upbringing wasn’t neglectful, but I have seen and experienced things few others have. I know there is work to be done to help young men and women from underprivileged backgrounds and that is why Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace is something I really fight for.

So, I have a full-time job which I thoroughly enjoy, and I have multiple side hustles. I work with small businesses on social and influencer marketing (My Services) I also often speak about Diversity and Inclusion and Media Careers to students and other agencies.

My first passion project was Adzvice, this was founded by my good friend Ade Akins and he brought me into the team to help with the direction of the platform. It started off as a blog, we quickly moved into events and really pioneered conversations around mental health in the black male community. We are really proud of the work we are doing and have done. More recently we decided to shift the focus to the Podcast. We discuss the topics that no one else really talks about with a specific focus on how they affect us as ‘Millenials’.

Bonita Samuels

You can listen to the Adzvice Podcast here.

Make Your Mark was a platform I started initially for women with side-hustles. As someone who has ALWAYS had a side hustle I know too well the pressures of juggling a full-time job with a passion project. I know the conflicts we face when it comes to sacrificing time for our clients and wondering whether it is all worth it. The truth is most of us are passionate about more than one thing and I really believe that we can harness all our passion projects and have a full-time career we love. It is just about finding that balance and educating ourselves on some key things.

This is why I started the Make Your Mark platform. You can follow us on Instagram and join the conversation or why not subscribe to the mailing list? Our ‘Vision Board Parties’ happen 1-2 times per year so be sure to join the mailing list to be the first to get your tickets.

People always ask me how I do it all and the truth is I don’t know but what I do know is that everything I do has a purpose and is something I am passionate about.

Make Your Mark - Vision Board Party 2019

Make Your Mark - Vision Board Party 2019

What does the future hold?

I honestly don’t have a five-year plan or anything of that nature. Life can come at you fast, so I just try and take one day as it comes. I know that in the future I want to have some sort of co-working space and a full-fledged business of my own earning 100K a year at least (ha-ha!).

For now, I want to help my clients create some amazing work and help them take their passion projects to the next level. You ready to get to work?

My Projects

Make Your Mark

MYM is a female empowerment platform designed to educate, motivate and inspire women to MAKE THEIR MARK. Whether that be in their business, side hustle or their careers. The flagship ‘Vision Board Party’ is an annual event to help women recognise their goals.

The Adzvice Podcast

The Adzvice Podcast is hosted by myself and Ade Akins. We discuss the things that other podcasts don’t, especially things that happen in this world that really affect us as Millenials. Join the conversation and let’s talk about Mental Health, Buying a house and Why we don’t talk about death.


I am sometimes asked to speak at events about diversity and inclusion, careers and all things social media and marketing. If you want me to give my thoughts and opinions at one of your events all you have got to do is reach out. Drop me an email and let’s chat.