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You are a busy business owner, content creator or blogger, you know social media is an integral part of your overall strategy but aren’t sure how to execute it to help meet your goals? Or maybe you just don’t have the time. Whatever the problem is I can help! I have over three years experience helping your favourite brands execute their influencer and social campaigns. If you want to discuss your needs, drop me an email.

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If there is something you need but don’t see it here, drop me an email so we can discuss your needs.


social media case studies


end-to-end influencer campaign

Content creation & product styling

content creation & product styling


Full service social media

Content curation & content calendar management


Bonita brings priceless perspective as a blogger herself that helped us not only when engaging and partnering with other bloggers but also when utilising the content across our various social channels. She's a joy to work with and played a big part in us stepping up our social media game.


I was able to achieve my goal through Bonita's accountability, regular check-ins and sticking to deadlines. I would 100% recommend her coaching service.


Make Your Mark coaching helped me to narrow down my interests and pick a niche for my brand. It also helped me to realise that planning and scheduling my blog posts and social media posts in advance is the key to being efficient as a blogger so I can have the time and space to create quality content. 


I was looking for someone who could create copy for Brands of Colour who understood and appreciated what we do, the social media landscape, and someone who was doing it successfully day to day.

Bonita was the first person who came to mind as what she shared on places like Twitter showcased her expertise, and love for content marketing. Not only that, her energy and vibe let me know she would be an excellent person to take responsibility for creating copy for us. I wasn’t wrong... We started to work with Bonita in January 2018 and she is amazing at what she does for us. At the end of each of month engaging and thoughtful copy for Instagram is ready to go in terms of caption and image copy (if relevant) so it’s just a copy and paste job! Working with Bonita has saved me bundles of time I can dedicate elsewhere in my business, and continues to be worth the investment.

If you’re looking for someone to guide you through content marketing or take on the task for you, I highly recommend Bonita. It’s an absolute joy and pleasure to work with her.

Danielle McDonald, The Clarity Architect and Founder of Brands of Colour

End-To-End Influencer Campaign

Brun Et Noir - Hosiery Brand


This Hosiery brand wanted to increase brand awareness, social following across Instagram and Twitter and create quality content showcasing their product to publish across their social channels and website.


Developed a content strategy for Instagram for a cohesive and branded page, Developed a Micro Influencer strategy to increase brand awareness which I managed end-to-end, created a BTS video to compliment the campaign.


  • 11% increase in Instagram followers

  • Increase in engagements overall

  • Undisclosed increase in sales

  • Over 1.5K Likes & Story views

  • 6.5K reach


Photographer: @Nimtendo

Influencers: @afiajasmine & @_Skylish

BTS: Peter Anthony

Campaign management & concept: Bonita Rochelle

Content Creation & Product Styling

Belvedere Vodka

I have created content for Treasure Tress - A monthly subscription service for curly hair as well as Belvedere Vodka this service included product styling, photography and edits. View some of the images below.


Treasure Tress


Photographer & Styling: Bonita Rochelle

Content Curation & Calendar Management

Brands Of Colour



The challenge for Brands Of Colour was creating content which resonated with their audience. The founder, a one girl band needed to free up time to focus on other areas of the business so outsourced the content calendars and curation to me.


I created a content calendar each month for the Brands of Colour instagram page, curating content and writing copy based on the months content themes. This free’d up time for the founder to work on other areas of the business and once the content calendar was complete content was ready to be published to social channels.


  • Constant increase in followers MoM

  • Increase in engagements over time (39%)

  • Increase in brand awareness and advocacy


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